Friday, May 27, 2005


I have been using Opera for quite some time now, on several platforms. I Loved the 5.x Versions, when Opera really was ahead. Don't forget who brought us Tabbed Browsing :)
Version 7 rather shocked me, at least under Linux it was the ugliest Browser, I had ever seen.
-Yes, I have seen Amaya! [*SCNR*] I've even used MOSAIC - there was nothing else.
I am just about to get used to the current release, there still seem to be some CSS flaws, but what does that mean? I'll have to find out, why eBay is kicking me, when I try to log in with Opera. Strange.
My favourite through many years has always been Mozilla, but it looks like it getting slaughered by these Firefox Zealots.
Opera's email client is not so featureful as Mozilla's - but it's ok for sending some linking while browsing the net. I've got Sylpheed as my main MUA. Not perfect, but I have not seen the perfect mail app yet.

So. let's see, if Blogger will swallow this, or if i'll get kicked once more with my fancy red browser...


Wednesday, May 25, 2005

NetBeans 4.1

OK. Turn on the lights, we had a fine eclipse in 2000, but it's over now.
NetBeans is better, faster, much more actual, won't insist on telling you what you have to do next, will DWIM.

Flames on!

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Blender 2.3.6

Blender, as we all know, rocks. The free 3D modeller/raytracer was originally written under IRIX, as this historic software announcement from Linux-Gazette says. (You'll have to scroll down a little).
I needed to write a quick and dirty litte wrapper for blender to find the right libraries:

LD_PRELOAD=/opt/csw/lib/ /opt/csw/lib/

Your mileage may differ, depending on the path where you have additional libs from the companion CDs, sunfreeware, or Thanks to the fact that blender's latest versions are available for many different platforms, I have built myself a little rendering farm, running IRIX, Solaris and Linux. Quite funny to have the modeller running on my antique Indigo2 and have the results of rendering runs served by a SPARC/x86 cluster in the background.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Net Beans

Why NetBeans - why not Eclipse? I've got Eclise, too. But, as I promised in this blog's topic, I want to focus on applications not in the major distributions and Eclipse has been packaged by Blastwave for quite some time.
I can't say, which JDE I prefer, Eclipse has got this nice PHP-Plugin, but my machine is a SUN Blade 1000, and Net Beans just belongs here. I am also quite used to work with Net Beans and its predecessor, so I guess, I'll keep using them both.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Another Java one. I don't know if I even have to introduce it. RSSOwl is a news aggregator, was Freshmeat's project of the month, somewhen end of 2004. Will run almost everywehre, I guess. It's always on my desktop.


Well, I have been running this on GNU/Linux x86 since about 1998. I don't want to miss it. Who knows, what all the SETI stuff will ever be good for, but it's small, fast and easy.

Art Of Illusion

Java is too slow for 'real' applications?
I can't complain. Art of illusion is a 3D-modeller/raytracer written in Java. It's Open Source and i am actually doing a lot of animations with it.