Saturday, December 10, 2005

Things that get alive (as I connect them)

Some additional and removable hardware I have connected to my box (a Sun Blade 1k)
  • Hub: noname 4 port (vendor id:03eb, product id: 3301)
  • Mouse: Logitech Optical
  • Card-reader: SMSC USB97C223, labelled "Hama 6xUSB" working with all card types
  • Memory-stick: any class 1 flash mem will do
  • Camera: Nikon FinePics 4200 in mass storage mode
  • IDE-USB: portable HDD (actually "on the road", feel free to ask me for the type)
  • Soundcard: Terratec Aureon 5.1 USB (I submitted this one into the official Solaris HCL)
  • Lamp [SCNR]

  • Philips DVD-burner in 'Digitus' IDE to IEEE1394 case
  • DDS2-Tape: HP JetStore 6000 AKA C1533
  • Scanner: HP ScanJet 4c/t


Anonymous said...

I have a Sony DVD burner I'd like to try. What software do you use please and where can I get it. I have a Sunblade 2K


ax11 said...

I have successfully been using XCDroast and the native Solaris utility cdrw on a SunBlade 1000, which should not be different to the 2000 in these things. I'd recommend trying to get things running with cdrw first, before using XCDRoast, as the latter might be picky with hardware as well as with software dependencies.